GoBespoke is a Fabrication Solution

For residential and commercial projects

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Master Craftsmen from UK and Europe

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Collaborative Methodology

collective mindset bring together the expert team to solve any problem
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Specialist Workshops and Factories

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Go-Bespoke is a fabrication solution

We are a production broker, sourcing expert factories, artisans and workshops from around the UK & Europe to match your exact design, quality and budget requirements. Go-Bespoke is a trading name of Interior Import Group Ltd.
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Core Values

No one is an expert in everything, so a collaborative approach to bespoke projects is essential. Collective experience and knowledge combined together with logical and effective project management can achieve anything. Our Core ethos is to ‘play to peoples strengths’… together we are stronger!

Specific mindset for bespoke

Majority of bespoke projects, are unique, conceptual and problems are an accepted part of the terrain. Our extensive experience has created systems and processes that reliably manage these challenges with design/specification development, ensuring these problems do not effect cost or time frame and the client receives a quality product that is fit for purpose.

Quality Suppliers

All suppliers that become a part of our network are researched and quality regularly checked. Factory site visits available to clients. Our focus on building long term relationships allows us to provide a trusted reliable service and cost savings through volume discount.

Warrenties and Aftercare

All factories , workshops and artisans used to produce various elements of the client’s project, are well established businesses in their own right. Offering 2 to 10 year warranties on all bespoke items, we aim to maintain a relationship with all clients, for future support with the longlife of the project, assisting where possible.

we love a challenge.

Tell us about your unusual, bizarre and totally bespoke projects
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