Do you project manage, or just supply

We have an option for either, the project management module provide a full service from concept, design through production and installation with aftercare. The supply only is available with similar service, although we can not we responsible for installation standards. Both have a QC and aftercare package for the requested items.

Do bespoke products have a warrenty

All production or manufacture done through the consultancy will come with a minimum 2 year warranty on mechanical and structure integrity. Where possible we will recommend supplier and material choices that increase this, sometime as much as 10 years warranty. Wear and tear of the product is not covered

Do you offer payment terms

All projects have a staged payment terms which are negotiated and agreed prior to contract signing.

Standard terms are as follows but we have the flexibility to adjust theae for specific projects

50% of full contract – Paid to begin production process from production drawings through to finished product.

40% of full contract 0 Paid to release this from the factory after inspection by the client

10% of full contract – Paid after the installation, snagging and Quality Control process has been carried out and approved