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Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and women
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Interior Import Group Ltd (LxrySpace is a trading name) was launched to produce and install handcrafted bespoke furniture and interior solutions such as Kitchen, bathrooms and all Living space found in homes.


We offer a project management, production and installations service typically partnering with Architects or Interior Designers to produce the more specific bespoke components in their designs. Sourcing high quality craftsmen & women to produce and install to the highest standard. 

Our Story

Our story begain 8 years ago when director and founder Neil Wickenden, developed a business model concept to produce bespoke kitchens, joinery solutions and furniture initially for his interior designer friends who soon became clients. 

To Achieve the high quality we uterlised the skills of craftsmen and women from around the UK.

Every project is unique and we have developed a porfolio of engineering excellance and customer satisfaction. 
This has allowed us to create a network of production crafts people that produce high quality smaller products for a wider audience.

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If you have specific bespoke joinery requirements we are happy to help. Tell us about your project and we can arrange a call to discuss

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