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Organise your space and calm your mind.

Your home is your castle, an escape from the hectic world outside. But often it is a challenge to make these spaces feel peaceful. Living spaces which feels cluttered or disorganised it can affect our general peace of mind, making our mind feel anxious and frustrated.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of huge living spaces. Storage is a premium and making every inch of space count is important. 

"I experienced this personally, already with a busy work life balance, my home had some “storage “under the bed and in drawer or wardrobe. But I rarely used it because of the lack of time.  I would rush in from work, shower, change clothes, prepare dinner, eat then bed, and my everyday items like items coats and jackets, watches, wet towels, my favourite baseball cap, ended up on chairs, side tables but mainly the floor!"


I needed this part of my life to be quick, easy and make me feel tidy and organised.




• Kitchen Storage For Your Plates, Pots and Pans

• Livingroom Floating Side Table

• Bathroom Towel Tidy

• Home Office Book Shelf

• Hallway Coat Rack

• Bedroom Side Tables


LxrySpace Extra Deep
Multi-functional Shelving


EXTRA DEEP 28 cm SHELF  wide creates functional storage space suitable for larger items such as pots , pans, glasses, appliances, boxes, books lamps...

Quality components

HIGH QUALITY WALL BRACKETS are precision cast, spray painted with a long-lasting gloss finish with the strength to support heavy loads (up to 50kg)


DURABLE HANGING RAIL supplied with 5 hooks for utensils, coats, towels etc. Hook weight capacity is 1.5kg per hook.


HANDCRAFTED SOLID natural wood shelfs carefully selected to promote grain, texture and knots, for a real rustic feel. All wood is sourced in compliance with FSC regulations for sustainability


Includes comprehensive instructions on how to safely install this shelf in your home.

Splash-proof finish makes easy maintenance and cleaning for long life product

Each shelf is hand stained to enhance the grain and texture. All sealed with varnish to create durable splash-proof long-lasting finish that's easy to clean.


Sustainable wood sourcing

Sustainable FSC Certified Wood Sources

Free home delivery

Free Home Delivery to Mainland UK

customer service

Friendly Customer Service


Authentic 'Rustic Look' with specifically selected wood  containing knots, heavy grain, saw and plain marks, scratches and scuffs

Multi Functional Design

• Kitchen Storage For Your Plates, Pots and Pans

• Livingroom Floating Side Table

• Bathroom Towel Tidy

• Home Office Book Shelf

• Hallway Coat Rack

• Bedroom Side Tables


Extra Deep Wooden Wall Shelf with Hanging Rail

• Multi Use Functionality
• Creates Practical Storage Space
Strong Wall Brackets for Heavy Items
• 500mm Hanging Rail with 5 Hooks
• Rustic Wood Stained and Sealed for Durablity
• Moisture and Splash-proof

Wonders of Wood Collection


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every shelving pack is quality checked to ensure you will be satisfied with the product. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Click here for full terms and conditions for purchasing of shelf pack

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