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Installation Guide for Wall Shelf
Please review that you have all the correct components and tools to complete the installation

all components included in pack
High strength Brackets

Tools Required

1. Electric Drill with Hammer Action

2. 7mm Masonry Drill Bit

3. Cross Head Screwdriver 

4. Spirit Level

5. Tape measure and Pencil

6. Metal detector for walls (optional)

7. Hammer


Important Information - Please Read

When selecting a wall to mount the shelf on it is important to determine what material the wall is made of as this will effect the wall fixing to be used, we recommend only installing this shelf on to brick or block walls. The fixings supplied are designed for a brick/block wall, and will support the weight of shelf and contents if correctly installed.


If you ‘knock’ on the wall and it sounds hollow, this potentially means the wall is made of plasterboard, and requires further investigation.  Special plasterboard fixings can be purchased from hardware stores and not included in this pack.


Safety check the proposed shelf site. We recommend the use of a wall metal detector, which will check if the wall contains any electrical cables or water/gas pipes concealed in the wall. This detector can also help locate the wood structure in a plasterboard wall, allowing you to position and mount the shelf to upright wooden stud-work.


These devices can be found on Amazon -  Search wall metal detector

brick-wall fixings

Step 1 - Assemble the Brackets

First check you have all the components in the box, if anything is missing or damaged please contact the email above.


First step is to slide the hooks on to the hanging rail as shown in diagram Dia1. Hooks are designed to be facing out away from the wall.


Next connect hanging rail to the two wall brackets. The rail is attached using bolts (A4). Tighten until brackets and rail are rigid.


The metal frame can now be positioned on the proposed wall to ensure you are happy with height and location before drilling any holes.

Brackets with hanging rail

Step 2 - Positioning & Measuring

Once happy with the position on the wall, mark out the fixing holes on the wall in pencil. 


Tip: You can also hold the metal frame on the wall, ensuring its level and simply mark the screw positions through the pre-drill holes in the brackets to give you accurate hole positions.

Fixing positions on wall

Step 3 - Levelling And Testing Area

Before drilling holes, check the markings are level with a spirit level. 


We  recommend as an added precaution to use a metal
detector on the wall to identify any pipes or cables that might be located at the drill site.


Drill holes using an electric drill with hammer action switched on using a  7mm masonry drill bit to a depth the length of the raw plug.  


The raw plug should be a tight fit and pressed into the hole. A hammer can be gently used to achieve this.

Safety check for installation of brackets and shelf

Step 4 - Attaching the wood shelf

Use the wall mounting screws (A1) to secure the brackets to the wall.


Now the wooden shelves can be added. They sit central on the brackets, with a small gap at the back against the wall to allow for any wall imperfections.


The wooden shelves are then attached using the small wood screws (A3) screwed from underneath to secure them into position.

assembly of the shelf

Cleaning & Maintenance

Avoid cleaning with abrasive cloths or chemical cleaners. A simple anti-bacterial spray with a damp cloth is suitable.


Wooden shelf components are sealed to prevent damage from water droplets, moisture and water splashes. The wooden shelf is    not 100% waterproof, so please avoid submerging the wood in water, or allowing puddles of water to sit on the finished surface.


The wooden shelf is not designed for HOT items. The shelf is designed as a storage solution for items at room temperature such as plates, pots, pan, glasses, towel etc.

Easy cleaning for long term maintainance

We are committed to providing a high quality product that you will be happy with and continue to use for years to come. LxrySpace (Interior Import Group Ltd) cannot be held responsible for misuse of the product and damage or injury resulting from incorrect installation.   

CORRECT INSTALLATION - The shelving product is designed to withstand a maximum weight of 50kg as long as the product is installed correctly into a brick wall and within the supplied guidelines provided in the product packaging. Any deviation on installation or safety practices are done at the customer's own liability. All Brackets and wooden components are tested to hold up to 50kg unless deemed faulty. In case of fault, replacement parts will be provided at no cost to the customer.  

NOT DESIGNED FOR HOT ITEMS - The shelving product is designed to hold items that are at room temperature. Hot items may cause damage to the wood finish, potentially causing burn marks and breaking the waterproof / moisture proof seal. Shelving should only store items that are at room temperature.

DAMAGE TO HOME SERVICES - LxrySpace (Interior Import Group Ltd) cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused during the installation process to internal services such as electrical, gas, water or drainage system in the home. 

PRODUCT MAY DEVIATE FROM IMAGES - Images of the product may vary from the product supplied, due to the unique nature of wood, grain and texture and colour will vary from displayed images. 


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